Catch Your Breath ~ Reflections


This time last year I sat here in this very dome with nearly 40 people for a training with my beloved mentor, David Elliott. The training was Breathwork Healing – Level 3 (which is the level for guiding groups).

I sat there trembling and excited.

Me? Teach A Group?

And yet, I had already pre-booked my first group meditation offering for the following week so here I was…ready or not.

The year before that I would have crawled away and buried myself in a hole to keep myself “safe” and hidden. I had been a certified yoga teacher at that time for 5 years already but had been too afraid to teach.

Too afraid to be seen.

Too afraid to be heard.


What Changed?

How Did I Get All The Way Here?

The answer is so simple but also the most profound.

It is this very practice I now share with others.

It is Breathwork Meditation.

The very tool I am sharing with others is the one that set me free

– And –

That is why it MUST be shared.

It is a tool that can connect you to your energy, your life force. It is the thread that connects you to the Divine…The Breath of LIFE. It can release years and lifetimes of fear, anxiety, passed down and made up belief systems, guilt, shame and regret.

It can connect you to new levels of compassion, self-awareness and LOVE.

It can change your life.

It certainly has changed mine.

As I write this I am here to lead my first retreat.

I laugh as this truth sinks in.

I smile in my heart and feel it radiate through my body and onto my face.

Miracles DO Happen.

They are meant to happen.

They are part of our evolution and growth and expansion into who we are meant to be.

We ARE Miracles.

Right before I left for the weekend, my breathwork sister Katie Mayeux posted a quote by our teacher David Elliott where he said, “Let Things Be Easy”.

Those words penetrated my heart and soul (thank you David and thank you Katie), and they came EXACTLY at the right moment.

Today as I lay here in this dome,

Creating Sacred space for a beautiful group of women,

I feel myself flowing into the most ultimate surrender.

I flow into EASE.

To the Divine.

To the unfolding of Love.

Love which is WAY bigger than I had ever imagined or felt worthy to receive



Now I feel that I am worthy.

I know that I am.

Because LOVE Breathed LIFE Into Me

And I am here.

But I didn’t get here alone.

My first teacher and guide into this practice is Erin Telford.

Erin lovingly showed me the way, helped me feel safe, showed me the path.

She opened the gate to a whole new world and whole new relationship with myself.

She said, “The Most Important Relationship You Can Have Is The One With Yourself”,

and I now understand what that means.

Thank you to Erin Telford and to all of my breathwork sisters and brothers who have been on this journey with me.

Thank you to David Elliott, whose work literally changed my heart and soul and re-patterned the course of my life. I am forever grateful that The Reluctant Healer gave way to this incredible work that continues to bless so many.

You can be a part of it too.

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