Why Try Breathwork?

Breathwork Healing is a powerful meditation tool, utilizing a specific 3-part pranayama/breath technique to facilitate a release of stuck energy, thought patterns and emotional baggage.

Our spirits ride on our breath; coming into our bodies at birth and riding out on the breath when we pass on. In between birth and death our spirit bodies long to process, grow and heal but our physical bodies often get bogged down by the gravity of the human experience. Anything that is not processed gets stored deep within the body, causing pain, tension and an overall feel of being “stuck”.

With this guided breath meditation, memories, deep rooted belief systems (created or passed down), stress, trauma, loss, grief, fear, anxiety, and whatever else is hiding in the body, can find it’s way to the surface and into our awareness which begins the process of healing.

”Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows” – David Elliot

Once we are freed up in the areas that have been blocked off or weighed down we can begin to experience deeper levels of joy and love, new-found creativity and healthy ways of self-love and self-expression.


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