IMG_20180210_105141-01“Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. I want to express my gratitude to you for the work you have taught and the inspiration you have given me. The moment i started the breathwork I could feel the energy moving in my body, around my body, and on the top of my head. I did not want to stop. INCREDIBLE FEELING! After that exercise my whole day was different and something changed inside. Everything around me has become very calm and settled. I also got very deep sleep which I have not had since I moved to the US 6 months ago. Thank you so much.” ~Tejal


“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with April. She is such a kindred spirit and always makes sure you feel loved, comfortable and that you have everything you need. Her voice is soothing and I enjoyed listening to her directions. The best way I can put the experience into words is that you go on a beautiful self-discovery journey. There were quite a few moments when I thought “okay we’re done” and something new came along. A new surge of energy moving through and clearing out blockages and stuck energy. It’s truly eye-opening to see what a simple breathwork technique can do for your holistic wellbeing. I’m grateful to have been introduced to this healing modality through April and look forward to working with her 1:1 again.” ~Nixie


― Breath Stories