What is Breathwork Healing?

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that facilitates an emotional release. Utilizing a specific type of pranayama, one is able to travel within to the deepest levels of the self, exploring, releasing and offering transformational healing.

Breathwork Healing is for You:

*If you are feeling stuck, anxious, or unclear

*If you feel ready for change but you are not sure where to begin

*If you are ready for a spiritual and emotional reboot

*If you are ready to release strong emotions like grief or anger

*If you find difficulty opening your heart to love

Breathwork Healing is a simple yet profound way to connect to your body, mind, and spirit. It provides a safe space for deep inner healing to take place. It can reveal hidden thought patterns, core wounds, deep-seated belief systems, and stuck emotional energy, providing a passage for new life and light to come into those places.






                 What People Are Saying…

Cheryl S.

“If you’re feeling alone, anxious, tired… If you are in need of a reset button… If you need some form of release… If you need a “hug” from yourself… If you’re thinking “I don’t know how I feel, I’m just, blah”…..   You OWE yourself this session.    April’s class leaves you feeling rejuvenated and rested.  Mentally.   Physically.  SPIRITUALLY. “

Kevin V.

“My experience with this practice, has been a magical and mystical exploration to the place where the conscious and unconscious mind co-mingle. It has unlocked portals of
creativity and personal freedom and allowed me to revisit memories
and feelings, some, over 50 years old…..

…..For me, the doubt disappears and I am able to access a place I only visit in my dreams, when I recall them. I visit a place of heightened awareness of the unconscious mind, while the conscious thoughts take a back seat. It’s like riding in a car with a toddler, singing a favorite song with them until they suddenly fall asleep. You are still aware of the child’s presence, but your focus goes elsewhere.

...At some point, the 3-part breath ceases, having done its job. The slide show fades away, but the feelings remain. The conscious mind slowly regains it’s hold and I become aware of what is around me as opposed to what is inside me. This is breathwork for me. It’s time
travel and self- awareness rolled into one. It’s moving closer to God or the Divine Spirit that resides in all of us. It’s a healer called April and music that seems to have been chosen just for you. With no reservation whatsoever, I can confidently state, it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

Robin E.

“April Linson and her Breathwork is a life changing practice. It calls you to do the hard work that is required to move forward in the world. April’s kindness and love guides you thru the practice in a safe environment where you can honestly connect with you true self and your true purpose.”

Teresa D 

“Breathwork with April Linson has brought me to a new level of clarity in understanding myself and the world around me. As a bodyworker and healing movement educator, I am quite familiar with energy work. This Breathwork was different,  and April’s private sessions and group circles have been evolutionary for me —  bringing me a sense of centeredness and peace that is subtle, yet powerful amidst the daily “stuff.” She is an angel on Earth who touches people in a deep, profound, and sometimes humorous way. If you are looking for a deeper connection and clearing within, I highly recommend a private session or a group session (actually, both!) with April. “

Carolyn G.

“This breathwork series was EXACTLY what I needed at this point in my journey.  This showed me “how” to create positive change in my life through my own soul.  I feel more in charge of my own healing and more grateful for my life.  It has given me the tools I needed to combat negativity and keep my peace.  It is intense, but beautiful.  I feel blessed to have had this experience.  April is an amazing person that I will always feel connected to now.”