Hello Lovely,

I’m April and I am so glad that you have arrived here.

This space has been created from my heart to yours, with an invitation to join me on a journey home to yourself in maybe some new and old ways. I knew since the time that I was young that helping others brought me so much joy and I have been finding and creating ways to do that for as long as I can remember. The only thing that I discovered the hard way was that living with my heart wide open wasn’t always necessarily a healthy or balanced way of serving people. 

In my younger years I didn’t fully understand how to set healthy boundaries, or how to even connect with what was my energy or someone else’s energy. It all blurred together in a melting pot and that melting pot was eventually what caused me to burn out. I couldn’t figure out how to continue to do what I knew I was here for (serving people), and also feel supported and nurtured as well. I didn’t understand that these were things that could happen simultaneously and that there were tools I could use to help myself navigate life in ways that could also bring healing to myself and to others on a whole new level.

The big shift occurred in my mid thirties, after a near death experience, following the birth of our daughter. It was this event – this Divine Grace – that awakened my spirit to recognize that the one who truly needed my love and attention the most was my very own self. If I didn’t learn how to heal and work through my trauma then how could I serve my daughter or anyone else in a way that was to the best of my ability? I knew I needed to find something so I prayed…and then I started searching. Through much research, late night internet scrolling, reading, and trying a bunch of new things, I found my way to the healing modalities of Breathwork Healing Meditation and Biofield Tuning/Sound Therapy. These tools not only calmed my nervous system, they seemed to deepen the connection I had with my body, my emotions, and my spirit.

It was during this time of deep inner healing work that I came to realize that the MOST important relationship we can have is truly the one we have with ourselves. This also brought to light the master plan of the Creator and how we are designed to love and care for our neighbors as ourselves (but we really need to love ourselves WELL) – a truth I had always taken to heart but just didn’t fully understand until then. 

All other relationships flow from this One Source. 

So start with you.

With such a huge transformational shift in my life, I began my journey towards becoming more of the person I was born to be….an arrow, a guidepost, a fellow traveler (who found some REALLY amazing tools), and simply needed to share them with the world. I no longer needed to carry the burdens of others around in my body or try to save and rescue everyone. Instead, I was sharing tools they could use to help themselves to truly transform on their healing journey!

And let’s just state the obvious: Only God heals.

I am a human. A vessel. A vessel with a lot of cracks that the Divine light can shine through.

Yes – I am a Divine vessel, made in the image of God and often used as a conduit for love and light and grace to flow through (and so are you) – but all I am sharing are tools that have helped me connect to the Divine and to myself and therefore I point upwards and hold my head up high to the sky in gratitude to be of service! 

So here I am… a Certified Breathwork Healing Facilitator, under David Elliott, and a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner (using sound to tune the body and energy field) under Eileen Day McKusick. My life’s work has come full circle in a way that often makes me smile and it feels good to be of service!

I am sure if you are here on this page, you are well aware that our world is going through a huge shift and so are we – whether we are ready or not. There has never been a better time to come home to yourself than now. You are worth your time while you are here and getting to know yourself can be a wild journey like no other adventure you have ever had.

These practices have served me well and it would be my honor to share them with you.

With Love,


                 What People Are Saying…

Priscila P.

” I had the pleasure to meet April a few years back at Prana. It was love at first sight… and how could that be any different. You look at April through those beautiful blue eyes and you don’t see just physical beauty. You see her soul. At least that’s how I felt. April is a wonderful soul sister. She cares and she holds space for me. I feel safe to be who I am. Her big hugs are well worth the time already. 🙂

A few years back when the Breathwork workshops became an offering at Prana I attended a few. Well let me tell you… I let some shit out… The breathwork techniques alone are super powerful should you allow yourself to feel it. I have experienced all types of sensations and the sense of peace I feel afterwards is immense. No bottle of wine can do that 🙂 trust me, I have tried that technique too… MANY TIMES!

I have yelled, cursed, moved… yelled some more… It is a sense of liberation like no other. It is incredible how powerful the simple art of breathing can be. I have known that of course but to experience so deeply is a whole other story.

It had been a few years since I last saw April. This weekend I really really needed some TLC. April was the first person that came to mind. April was accommodating to my needs and “urgency” and we held a private session. WOW is all I have to say. I felt safe, supported, guided, loved… if i could i would have camped out on that mat for a whole day (I almost sort of did… ooops). 

April is knowledgeable, caring and loving to name a few of the adjectives I could think of to describe her. She walked me through the entire process. Between breathwork and fork tuning I left our sacred space with a sense of self and belonging that I haven’t felt in a long time. April you are a gift to this world. I love you and I know you love me back!

You go soul sister! 

Namaste and Love

Priscila Pires”

Cheryl S.

“If you’re feeling alone, anxious, tired… If you are in need of a reset button… If you need some form of release… If you need a “hug” from yourself… If you’re thinking “I don’t know how I feel, I’m just, blah”…..   You OWE yourself this session.    April’s class leaves you feeling rejuvenated and rested.  Mentally.   Physically.  SPIRITUALLY. “

Kevin V.

“My experience with this practice, has been a magical and mystical exploration to the place where the conscious and unconscious mind co-mingle. It has unlocked portals of
creativity and personal freedom and allowed me to revisit memories
and feelings, some, over 50 years old…..

…..For me, the doubt disappears and I am able to access a place I only visit in my dreams, when I recall them. I visit a place of heightened awareness of the unconscious mind, while the conscious thoughts take a back seat. It’s like riding in a car with a toddler, singing a favorite song with them until they suddenly fall asleep. You are still aware of the child’s presence, but your focus goes elsewhere.

...At some point, the 3-part breath ceases, having done its job. The slide show fades away, but the feelings remain. The conscious mind slowly regains it’s hold and I become aware of what is around me as opposed to what is inside me. This is breathwork for me. It’s time
travel and self- awareness rolled into one. It’s moving closer to God or the Divine Spirit that resides in all of us. It’s a healer called April and music that seems to have been chosen just for you. With no reservation whatsoever, I can confidently state, it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

Robin E.

“April Linson and her Breathwork is a life changing practice. It calls you to do the hard work that is required to move forward in the world. April’s kindness and love guides you thru the practice in a safe environment where you can honestly connect with you true self and your true purpose.”

Teresa D 

“Breathwork with April Linson has brought me to a new level of clarity in understanding myself and the world around me. As a bodyworker and healing movement educator, I am quite familiar with energy work. This Breathwork was different,  and April’s private sessions and group circles have been evolutionary for me —  bringing me a sense of centeredness and peace that is subtle, yet powerful amidst the daily “stuff.” She is an angel on Earth who touches people in a deep, profound, and sometimes humorous way. If you are looking for a deeper connection and clearing within, I highly recommend a private session or a group session (actually, both!) with April. “

Carolyn G.

“This breathwork series was EXACTLY what I needed at this point in my journey.  This showed me “how” to create positive change in my life through my own soul.  I feel more in charge of my own healing and more grateful for my life.  It has given me the tools I needed to combat negativity and keep my peace.  It is intense, but beautiful.  I feel blessed to have had this experience.  April is an amazing person that I will always feel connected to now.”

Christy L.

“Yesterday I had my third tuning forks session with April. One thing I have noticed in my sessions with her
Is how clearly she can read what needs to shift and is particularly gifted in, not only guiding the needed shift, but
putting into words what she senses and asking questions.

For quite some time, I have been experiencing burnout including overwhelm with daily tasks, very low energy, and brain fog.
I am grateful to have the tools of Yoga and meditation and a loving family and partner, but still I struggle most days and don’t feel connected or optimistic like I now realize I used to quite naturally.

During and since my session yesterday, I feel lighter. It’s as though something heavy was shaken out of my cells. My mind has had
clearer and simpler thoughts, and this morning I woke up and felt compelled to workout- something that has seemed insurmountable for months.
I feel both lighter and more embodied.

April is my sister, so I know this may sound biased, but this work is truly medicine. It’s simple and feels like a whole spirit massage.
It truly allows April to use her many gifts,  natural warmth, and ability to care for people, and the benefits are powerful whether the session is in person or virtual.
I truly encourage you to give yourself and/or the caregiver in your life this gift.”