We all have a story to tell but sometimes words just don’t seem to scratch the surface.
What if there were a way for you to be truly seen, heard and understood just by simply breathing?  Would you try it?
Well, I am here to tell you that this has been my experience with this practice for nearly 7 years, for myself and hundreds of others.
Read some of their stories below.
“To say that I am a skeptic is an understatement however I welcomed April into my home with an open heart and spirit. I had just recently had a loss in my life that was crippling and I knew that at the very least, April’s caring heart and honest soul would help me heal. I was not prepared for the wonderment that happened! I felt the physical release and a spiritual connection which lead to a calm and peace that I desperately needed. I felt this beautiful connection to the universe that I never thought was possible. After I finished with her, I was ready to plan my next session. I highly recommend Breathwork to anyone searching for calm and serenity for their spirit!!” Sue H
” I lived in an anxious state. I would take up to three Xanax a day, just to get through. I always knew where my Xanax was and when it was about to expire. I felt like life without Xanax would be unlivable. I couldn’t have one on one conversations with people without going into a panic. I couldn’t go to a doctor’s appointment without it. If I happened to run into an acquaintance at the supermarket, I’d run the other way. The anxiety was overwhelming. I had seen April briefly, on a business related manner, and somehow breathwork came up. The things she told me, about how it changed her, stayed with me. I didn’t actively think about the work, but I always wondered how transformative it might be. Months later, after switching to a new PCP, the doctor told me that I shouldn’t be taking Xanax on a daily basis. She would only prescribe two pills a week (WHAT?!?) I was terrified. Thought about switching doctors. I was in a panic. Later that week, scrolling through facebook, I saw that April was offering breathwork to new clients. I was in but I was curious. How could this work possibly make me feel better. It’s just breathing, right? I’d studied pranayama and even taught it, so I couldn’t imagine how different this might be. After my first private session, I saw how powerful this experience was. After my second session, I started backing off the Xanax. After my fifth session, I remember not knowing where the Xanax even was. I no longer needed this pill to help me get through the day. All I needed was the breath. April is a beautiful soul who is loving and supportive. She holds space for me in the most gentle way. She makes me feel safe. April is wonderful, and I believe 100% that you can trust her with your healing through the breath.” -Tiffany C.


“I had the honor of having a session with April earlier in the month. What and extraordinary experience! 😍 Like many of us I have done what seems like a lifetime of work discovering and unearthing my true and best self. The session I had with April is the gift that keeps giving. It has been several weeks and each week I continue to reveal new layers that I know will have a profound effect moving forward. It is a powerful practice and I am so grateful to be taken down the path by someone like April. She is kindness and love personified! The environment she creates is safe, accepting and loving. Truly the ideal space for the deep work of healing. Thank you April ❤️❤️” ~Donna D


“Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. I want to express my gratitude to you for the work you have taught and the inspiration you have given me. The moment i started the breathwork I could feel the energy moving in my body, around my body, and on the top of my head. I did not want to stop. INCREDIBLE FEELING! After that exercise my whole day was different and something changed inside. Everything around me has become very calm and settled. I also got very deep sleep which I have not had since I moved to the US 6 months ago. Thank you so much.” ~Tejal D


“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with April. She is such a kindred spirit and always makes sure you feel loved, comfortable and that you have everything you need. Her voice is soothing and I enjoyed listening to her directions. The best way I can put the experience into words is that you go on a beautiful self-discovery journey. There were quite a few moments when I thought “okay we’re done” and something new came along. A new surge of energy moving through and clearing out blockages and stuck energy. It’s truly eye-opening to see what a simple breathwork technique can do for your holistic wellbeing. I’m grateful to have been introduced to this healing modality through April and look forward to working with her 1:1 again.” ~Nixie N