About Me


I Bow To You,

In All Of Your Hopes & In All Of Your Dreams.

I Bow To You,

In All Of Your Suffering & In All Of Your Pain.

I Bow to the Love That You Hold So Deeply In Your Heart.

I Bow To This Day And To THIS Moment,

And To The Breath & The Light* Within You.

April Linson is a Breathwork Healing Facilitator trained under both David Elliott and Erin Telford. She is also a Tuning Forks/Sound Healer, Certified Yoga Instructor, a wife and a mama. April is a co-owner of Prana Yoga Center located in Denville NJ, along with her sister Christy.
Coming into the world as a shy and sensitive spirit, April has developed a deep understanding and familiarity with the struggle of being seen and heard. Her personal work through generational healing, releasing limiting belief systems, and learning to befriend her body after a life threatening trauma following her daughter’s birth, has gifted her with wisdom, strength and insight. April firmly believes she is on this planet to show others the pathway back home to themselves one breath at a time.
Utilizing the Sacred Medicine of the Breath, April extends her hand to you with an invitation to take your healing journey into your own hands. She believes that all relationship depends on how deep you are willing to go with yourself and that deep, true, lasting transformation can occur when we show up for every part of ourselves.
Your experiences do not have to define you – they can refine you and she is here to show you how.