About Me


Hello Lovely.

My name is April and I’m just a regular human like you, trying to do my best and make the most of this one sacred life. 

Early on I felt a deep connection to the earth, a longing to know God, and always seemed to hold a curious sense of wonder in my heart, which I still carry with me today. I grew up in a Christian home in a small town in northern New Jersey and at heart I really am a Jersey Girl. If someone were to ask me what category my faith or spiritual practices fall into, it would be more along the lines of a Christian Mystic, or as someone in India once said, a “Krist Bhakti” (a devotee to the Christ). I struggled spiritually for many years, church hopped, studied many religions and philosophies, felt the guilt, struggled with shame, battled with the darkness, basked in the light, and I am still here learning new things every day.

My personal experiences with the Divine/Jesus have always had a touch of the miraculous, a dash of mysticism, and a generous heaping of wonder…and have sometimes dropped me to my knees. The one thing I can say for sure is that these encounters and conversations in meditation and prayer have always been just that – filled with wonder – deeply personal, and struck me straight in the heart.

Although I hold my personal beliefs and experiences dear and have witnessed the Divine step down in love too deep and too profound for words, (and do wish this kind of love and grace for everyone), I also do not feel it is my calling or my job to put my beliefs on anyone else. We all have pieces of the puzzle we are trying to put together and without sharing these pieces with each other, we are less able to see the bigger picture, so I am here to share my piece with you and will be honored if you do the same.

As the Divine gently whispered to my soul one day, “April, you are here to bring a sort of “spiritual bedside manner” back, to remind people that they even have a soul at all. It is a tender approach, an invitation for others to come back home to themselves and in that place, find ME. THAT is your calling. Once they recognize this, I can take it from there. Can you do this”? To which I replied, “Here I Am.”

And so, this is where it began. I simply answered the call and I believe breathwork was and continues to be a pivotal part of my finding my way.

I found breathwork during a time when I was searching for relief from PTSD, anxiety, grief, and a deep inner well of fear that seemed to come down my family line and continue with me. I needed help! Breathwork was the most intense, immediate, deep, and life-changing tool, that brought me to and through the trauma of a recent life threatening experience, but also through the layers of trauma that I had been carrying along with me for all of my life.

Sharing breathwork with others brings me deep joy and satisfaction because I know firsthand that it works and have been a witness hundreds of times to this remaining true for others as well. All of the tools I share are tools that can be practiced on your own, are self-led, and are ultimately tools to help you discover that all you need has already been placed inside of you – since birth – in that very first breath…because that is how much the Divine loves you.

Coming from a background in elderly care and hospice work, I have had front row seats to the miracle of life that is simply and profoundly held in the breath. Breath is Life and Life is given to each and every one of us, as a gift from the Divine. If you want to connect to the Source of Life and Healing, the breath is the key that can open that door for you.

It is my deepest honor to be here to share this practice with you and to hold a safe and sacred space to explore this part of your journey, no matter what bend in the road you are on.

If you are intrigued and wonder what this is all about or if this is for you, I personally welcome you to reach you to me. 

I look forward to getting to know you and to sharing this practice with you.