About Me


Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is April and I’m just a regular human like you, trying to do my best and make the most of this one sacred life. 

Early on I felt a deep connection to the earth, a longing to know God, and always seemed to hold a curious sense of wonder in my heart, which I still carry with me today.

I found breathwork during a time when I was searching for relief from PTSD, anxiety, grief, and a deep inner well of fear that I soon discovered had been spiraling within me since the day I was born – and really since before then. Breathwork helped me to discover that much that I was carrying was the unprocessed trauma from those who came before me and had come down my family line and continued with me. I wanted to find a way to bring healing to myself and to my family and breathwork provided a tool that could connect me back to me in ways I still find difficult to wrap words around. To say it was life changing may sound cliche but for me it truly has been fundamentally transformational.

Sharing breathwork healing and biofield tuning/sound therapy with others brings me deep joy and satisfaction because I know firsthand that it works and have been a witness hundreds of times to this remaining true for others as well. All of the tools I share are tools that bring healing through your own participation in the practice. I am not a healer and have never claimed to be. These tools are designed to help you get your sparkle back, to connect to your inner light and Divine Light, and to find healing through your own participation in your life. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself and these practices are designed to bring you home to yourself so that you can live your life in the fullest expression.

It is my deepest honor to be here to share these practices with you and to hold a safe and sacred space to explore this part of your journey, no matter what bend in the road you are on.

If you are intrigued and wonder what these practices are all about or wondering which one is right for you, I personally welcome you to reach you to me. 

With Love,