Tuning With Sound

What is Biofield Tuning?
Biofield Tuning is a fancy scientific term for bringing your energetic and emotional bodies into a more balanced state. The word Biofield refers to the field surrounding the body which stretches 3 feet above the head, 3 feet below the feet, and 6 feet on each side of the body. The further you are from the body, the further the information stretches back in time. Likewise, the closer you are to the body, the closer the information will be to the current time. This magnetic field is also called an aura or energy field in other traditions. All living beings have electricity running through their bodies and as the scientific rule goes, anything that has electricity running through its center also creates a magnetic field around it. Within this magnetic field are patterns and sometimes patches of dissonance or static. These patches usually occur in life where there was a change, pain or an injury took place, limiting belief systems took root, or trauma occured. Simply put, we are listening to the sounds of memories and using sound frequencies to help bring what was brought out of tune back into alignment. It’s like a massage for your electrical system and one of the coolest things about this adjustment is that your energy auto tunes itself. Once your energy field hears its sound reflected back to it, it knows how to tune in and realign back into a flow state.
What am I doing as a Practitioner?
With the use of tuning forks, set to different frequencies, I locate the edge of your field and begin listening for where any patches of static or dissonance are located. These little pockets I am scanning your field for also have a fancy scientific name, called biophotons. This might be one of my MOST favorite parts about this work…locating the biophotons.
Biophotons are light particles. These light particles are like sparkles of your light essence that were broken off or left within a certain age or timeframe, waiting for healing or balancing or simply waiting to be heard and processed. Once they are located, we listen, we give these spots sound waves, and they realign and clear, ready to move through the field. As we get closer to the body other patches may be located and the same process is used to help collect these particles and continue moving and sweeping them in towards the body. Once we reach the body, these sparkles of your light essence are poured back into your chakras and placed back into circulation. This creates a state of flow.
My Short Story Of All That Is Mentioned Above:
We are all made of light. Made in the image of the Divine, mirrors of light reflecting Light. Each and every time I encounter biophotons I get the goosebumps because it feels holy and sacred, and at the same time it feels like a reminder for us all that we are made of light and beauty and love. We may have darkness in our paths but we have so much light within us….ALL of us do. We are living miracles. If we take a moment to be still and to tune in, we can experience optimal health and well being in all aspects of our BEING. We are all worthy of experiencing  this kind of care and ease in our lives. It is what we were born to do. 
Schedule A Session With Me, Or 3!
Biofield Tuning works most optimally when starting with 3 sessions over the span of 3 to 6 weeks. This is because we are realigning energy as well as creating more flow, which sometimes can feel like detoxing. Because the energy is moving more than it normally does we like to bring more flow and attention as the body, mind and spirit begin to acclimate to a more open flow state. Having 3 sessions set up from the beginning sets the space for follow up as well as further adjustments as things begin to settle and shift. You are also welcome to try a single session as well. 
Types of Biofield Sessions/Pricing:
Biofield Tuning Session – 60 minutes
$125/Session or
$300 for 3 Pack *(Must be used within 8 weeks from date of purchase)
Adrenal Reset Biofield Tuning Session- 60 minutes
Sonic Meridian Flush – 90 minutes 

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