Tuning With Sound


What are Tuning Forks?

Tuning Forks are 2 pronged steel devices that carry different frequencies within them. When the forks are tapped they resonate sounds that communicate this frequency to the energy within the space.

Human bodies are like musical instruments and can be tuned in a similar way. The experiences of life can throw us out of tune, leaving ripples on the record player, or static. When our bodies hear the frequency of the tuning forks, we automatically begin to adjust into aligning our frequencies with the same tune. Like hearing a song you once knew the words to and suddenly remembering how to sing it. Sometimes all we need is to see (or hear) which direction to go in order to repattern those old grooves back into alignment.

Tuning Forks speak directly to our nervous system and the places in our bodies where something got pushed out of alignment. We don’t have to know or attach to the place where we are out of tune in order for this to work.

Combining Sound/Tuning and Breathwork is a wonderful combination, especially for those suffering from trauma, grief, or PTSD. By massaging the nervous system with the use of tuning forks, we bring the energy within and around the body into a more balanced and connected state, which communicates to the spirit that it is safe. Within this safe space we then begin the Breathwork Meditation part of the session.

I love Metaphors!

Tuning before Breathwork is similar to the idea of using Effleurage prior to doing deep tissue massage. Effleurage is a series of gentle or light strokes taught in massage and body work, for warming up the muscles prior to doing any deep tissue work. This technique speaks to the muscles at the nervous system level, communicating that it is safe, resulting in the tightened muscles relaxing enough to receive the deeper work, and in turn releasing the root of the tension substantially if not completely.

Try one of these amazing healing tools or try them both together! My clients are having incredible results!


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