Tuning With Sound

What is Biofield Tuning?
Biofield Tuning is a fancy scientific term for bringing your energetic, physiological, and emotional bodies into a more balanced state. The word Biofield refers to the field surrounding the body which stretches 3 feet above the head, 3 feet below the feet, and 6 feet on each side of the body. The further you are from the body, the further the information stretches back in time. Likewise, the closer you are to the body, the closer the information will be to the current time. This magnetic field is also called an aura or energy field in other traditions. Within this field are patterns and sometimes patches of dissonance or static. These patches usually occur in life where there was a pain, a significant change, an injury took place, or trauma occured. Simply put, we are listening to the sounds of memories and using sound frequencies to help bring what was brought out of tune back into alignment. Biofield Tuning is like a hypnotic massage for your electrical system and one of the coolest things about this adjustment is that your energy auto tunes itself. Once your energy field hears its own sound reflected back to it, it knows how to tune in and realign back into a flow state. Similar to the idea of Biofeedback, the information is sent back and re-processed so that health, well-being, and flow can occur.
What To Expect During Your Session:
During a Biofield Tuning session, you remain fully clothed on a massage table while the forks are activated in the space surrounding your body. Most often people drop into a deeply relaxed state of awareness. Images, memories, emotions or feelings may arise during the tuning process. 
With the use of tuning forks, set to different frequencies, I locate the edge of your field and begin listening for where any patches of static or dissonance are located. These little pockets I am scanning your field for also have a fancy scientific name, called biophotons. This might be one of my MOST favorite parts about this work…locating the biophotons.
Biophotons are photons of light in the ultraviolet and low visible light range that are produced by our biological system. These light particles are like sparkles of your light essence that were broken off or left within a certain age or timeframe, waiting for healing or balancing or simply waiting to be heard and processed. Once they are located, we listen, we give these spots sound waves, and they realign and clear, ready to move through the field. As we get closer to the body other patches may be located and the same process is used to help collect these particles and continue moving and sweeping them in towards the body. Once we reach the body, these sparkles of your light essence are poured back into your chakras and placed back into circulation. This creates a deep state of flow.
Following the session, clients often comment that they feel “clearer and lighter” and more energized to move forward in areas of life where they previously felt blocked. Many see improvement in their relationships and report changes in their overall health and well-being following a Biofield Tuning. 
Areas Where Biofield Tuning Has Been Helpful:
Emotional Overwhelm
Low Self-Worth
Menstrual Difficulty
Digestive Issues
Chronic Fatigue
Feeling “Stuck”
Low Energy Levels
Migraine Headaches
Restless Leg Syndrome
Relationship Issues
Other Benefits:
Reduce Stress
Improve Sleep
Decrease Pain
Remove Energy Blocks
Improve Overall Quality of Life

INTRODUCTORY BIOFIELD TUNING: 60 MIN SESSION / PRICING FOR PRANA YOGA CENTER ONLY:  $144 or $369 for a 3 Pack *( 3 PACK Must be used within 6 weeks from date of purchase).


Although doing one session can be powerful, it is highly recommended to do a series of 3 sessions. It gives time to integrate and ground the changes.


Meridians are pathways throughout the body which carry our life force energy. A Sonic Meridian Flush allows this vital life force to flow freely by using the sonic vibration of weighted tuning forks on acupressure points of the body, increasing energy flow, supporting the vitality needed to prevent illness and promote wellness. The forks are used at the points along the meridians of the face and body, and along the spine to mobilize stagnant energy and restore the natural flow of vital essence. The vibrations of the tuning forks through the body will relax muscles, support detoxification and induce a deep state of well being. It is a very relaxing and calming experience which will leave your body feeling revived and energized.


The adrenal glands are vital to your wellbeing. Adrenal fatigue is a term used to describe how fatigue and other symptoms are caused by a poorly working adrenal gland in people who are under mental, emotional, or physical stress. 

Signs of adrenal fatigue can be – digestive and thyroid issues, sleep disorders, post traumatic stress, allergies and fatigue/exhaustion. A reset with tuning forks can influence adrenal rhythm, helping to restore normal adrenal function. A healthy adrenal produces a good, normal smooth rhythm, but a stressed adrenal makes a lot of noise, affecting the whole body. Nothing functions well under stress.

Are you needing a next level energy surge or purge? Are you feeling stuck, stagnant, disembodied or dull? This sacred combination of sonic energy field tuning, combined with active breathwork meditation is just the tonic for you! 
Embark on a journey home to yourself on the frequencies of nurturing vibrations, empowering affirmations, and cleansing breathwork patterns. You will leave feeling lighter, brighter, more embodied and more empowered.
What to Expect During Your Session:
Beginning with an Opening Ritual Sequence, weighted tuning forks are used to gently awaken meridian points on the body. This gives your system the message that it’s safe to wake up and activate a deeper sense of healing and awareness. *(For virtual sessions, sound and guided visualization is used to create the same experience). Once the body is feeling grounded and safe, we move onto locating the edge of the field and beginning sound therapy with unweighted tuning forks. Guided Breathwork Meditation accompanies the tuning forks in a cosmic energy ensemble that creates a state of flow and release as well as fostering a relationship and connection to a deeper state of listening. You will leave feeling lighter and brighter, more embodied and more empowered. You will also become more aware of your electric body and the abilities you have to shift energy, emotion, thoughts, and excess baggage.
This session is a combination of the Adrenal Reset and Breathwork Meditation (See description for Adrenal Reset above), and is designed especially for those suffering from burn out and fatigue.
Beginning with an opening ritual sequence, weighted tuning forks are used to gently awaken meridian points on the body. This gives your system the message that it’s safe to relax and sink into a deeper sense of healing and awareness. *(For virtual sessions, sound and guided visualization is used to create the same experience). Once the body is feeling grounded and safe, soft music set to special healing frequencies is introduced and we begin breathwork meditation. Once the rhythm and flow of the breath has been set, I then move away from the body where I locate the edge of the field to begin sound therapy with weighted tuning forks. Working on both the left and sides of the body (one side at a time), I gently and carefully move through the adrenal field, working to smooth and massage any energy that needs settling, calming, and deeper layers of attention. You will leave feeling refreshed, nurtured, and recharged. 


Interestingly, this work can be conducted at a distance. Both client and practitioner act as if the body is on the treatment table and a session is conducted accordingly. The same bioplasmic patterns that would reveal themselves in person appear and respond exactly as if one is present. I liken this phenomenon to prayer, because when I am praying, the person may as well be right there in front of me. Clients who receive distance work express amazement at how much they feel in their bodies while the work is being done and how different they feel afterwards. A one hour session is done via Zoom.


Contraindications to treatment include: Anyone with a pacemaker, anyone undergoing active treatment for cancer or anyone pregnant.   The work is not advised for individuals who are extremely ill or at the end of life as it can sometimes generate a powerful detox response.  It is important that the body is well resourced to handle any potential healing response that follows a session.  During a detox process one could experience flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, waves of emotion, loose stool or in very rare cases rashes or vomiting.  Most people, however, report feeling energized and/or sleepy in the hours following a session.