What is Breathwork Healing?

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that facilitates an emotional release. Utilizing a specific type of pranayama, one is able to travel within to the deepest levels of the self, exploring, releasing and offering transformational healing.

Breathwork Healing is for You:

*If you are feeling stuck, anxious, or unclear

     *If you feel ready for change but you are not sure where to begin

   *If you are ready for a spiritual and emotional reboot

          *If you are ready to release strong emotions like grief or anger

     *If you find difficulty opening your heart to love

Breathwork Healing is a simple yet profound way to connect to your body, mind, and spirit.   It provides a safe space for deep inner healing to take place.

It can reveal hidden thought patterns, core wounds, deep-seated belief systems, and stuck emotional energy, providing a passage for new life and light to come into those places.

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Live-Stream Breathwork Meditation
In the Comfort of Your Own Home!
*Zoom link will be emailed to you 30 minutes prior to the class start.
Breathwork meditation is a simple yet very powerful way to come back home to yourself, when you feel lost, scattered, pulled or drained. It is a direct line to Divine life force and can help re-surge, re-pattern, and re-align your energy with your life’s purpose.
Come with an open heart and a curious mind. Healing begins with creating a sacred container to hold space for every part of our human experience, and it can be as simple as breathing.


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Within a group dynamic this work takes on a powerful energy, creating a space of safety, unity, and the opportunity to grow in community. Through reaching into the higher levels of consciousness, releasing stuck energy and blocked emotions, you will leave feeling lighter and brighter.



Book Your Private Healing Session By Contacting Me Here

90 Minute Private Session -$175

The session begins with about 15-20 minutes of conversation where we will sit and discuss areas where you are feeling stuck or tight. We will gently gather this information to assist you during your practice. The practice will take place on a comfortable treatment table where you will be guided through the breathwork and your journey toward healing. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing to provide the least amount of restriction during breath work.

*Light Essential Oils, Sage, and other plant-based, non-chemical incenses are part of this practice. If you are sensitive to any of these products, please mention this prior to treatment.     


Private Group Breathwork Meditation

Plan a sacred and unique gathering for yourself and the ones you love.

A private breathwork meditation is a wonderful way to connect on deeper levels, explore new depths of consciousness, and experience something truly life changing together.

*Private Sessions Can Be Booked At Prana Yoga Center, The Urban Muse Salt Room, A Private Outdoor Location, Or In the Comfort of Your Own Home.

*Pricing Varies On Number Of Participants, Location, & Any Addittional Add-Ons, Such as Sound Healing Or Added Length Of Time To The Session.

Book Your Private Group Session By Contacting Me Here